The Indie Writer Manifesto

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Mark Coker — from Smashwords — have suggested these points as drivers for Indie writers. I agree with them.

I hold these truths to be self-evident:

  1. I am an indie author
  2. I have experienced the pleasure and satisfaction that comes from self-publishing
  3. I have a right to publish
  4. My creative control is important to me.  I decide when, where and how my writing graduates to become a published book. 
  5. Indie does not mean “alone.”  I choose my partners.
  6. I shall not bow beholden or subservient to any publisher. In my business relationships, I seek partnership, fairness, equity and mutually aligned interests.
  7. We indie author comprise diverse writers unified by a common purpose to advance, empower and celebrate writers everywhere. 
  8. I am a professional.  I take pride in my work, and I strive to improve my craft to better serve my readers, myself, my fellow indie authors and the culture of books
  9. My writing is valuable and important.  This value and importance cannot be measured by commercial sales alone.
  10. I celebrate the success of my fellow indie authors, for their success is mine, and mine theirs. Together we are pioneering a better future for books marked by greater quality, creativity, diversity, choice, availability, affordability and accessibility.

Daimones Speaks Spanish

5star-shiny-hr medium Daimones

Una invasión letal y silenciosa deja a los supervivientes aturdidos, recelosos y deshechos. Un primer contacto y un Apocalípsis cuyas raíces cuentan con millones de años de antigüedad. Dan Amenta se levanta una mañana para descubrir que el mundo ha cambiado. La muerte se propaga por todo el planeta. Sin embargo, Dan y su familia […]

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ALICE in Wonderland – CERN Ready for New Physics to Come


PHYSICS AT 13 TeV ALICE’s wonderland materialises where the lead-lead ultrarelativistic collisions happen in the LHC. With a jump of over one order of magnitude in collision energy from the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) and using state-of-the-art detectors, the experiment studies the quark-gluon plasma, a state of matter that existed during the Universe’s infancy, […]

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Time Travel and Wormholes


According to Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity, which explains how gravity operates in the universe, real-life time travel isn’t just a vague fantasy. Traveling forward in time is an uncontroversial possibility. In fact, physicists send particles forward in time in accelerators… all the time. That’s not to say the technology for sending humans 100 years into […]

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Getting Personal … with Tom King

CowboyTom (3)

Today we welcome sf author Tom King. Tom had three careers in his life: as a print journalist/editor, a federal archaeologist and a science fiction writer. Been married three times. Tom says: “Have three grown kids who are more ‘normal’ in society than I am. Have a couple of college degrees. And I love to spend […]

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Antimatter Is Everyday Matter at CERN


This year, CERN has succeeded for the first time in producing a beam of antihydrogen atoms. In a paper published  in Nature Communications, scientists report the unambiguous detection of 80 antihydrogen atoms 2.7 metres downstream of their production, where the perturbing influence of the magnetic fields used initially to produce the antiatoms is small. This result […]

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Getting Personal … with Karynne Summars

KS 2013

Today we have the pleasure to have on stage Karynne Summars, the author of the contemporary erotic thriller Desperate Pursuit in Venice, was born and raised in Berlin, Germany. She currently lives in New York and Marbella, Spain. Before focusing on her creative talents she worked as an international corporate finance professional in New York. Certain […]

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Getting Personal … with Linda Fulton


Today we’re getting personal with Linda Fulton. Linda writes paranormal romance under the pen name L. W. Browning, where W. stands for Walker. No relationship with the Ranger (we all know that “Love makes the world go round.”) L. Walker writes mostly humorous short stories about her adventures. Being blessed with a funny life, she […]

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5 Common Misconceptions About Busking


By Heather Jacks: Myths about busking have been floating around for years. And sadly, we believe many of them just because they sound like they could be true. Busking, which is performing on street corners—(or in public spaces in exchange for tips/passing the hat), is an age old tradition that has been with us since […]

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“Fiat Lux” – The Discovery of Cosmic Background Radiation


In 1965 Arno A. Penzias and Robert W. Wilson of Bell Laboratories worked at a new horn antenna designed for detecting low levels of microwave radiation. They had a problem, they found a low microwave background “noise”, nothing different from the electrical noise which produce “snow” on your television screen. They tried all they could […]

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