The Birth of a Novel

A few days ago, I was asked to share the truth about the birth of a novel, my novel. The interviewer suspected that what is narrated in the novel came from real life experiences. She said, “there are things that are difficult to invent.” She’s not wrong. They must be suffered first to become a fiction later, the truth within the many lies that make up a story.

Daimones was born as autobiographical notes to throw out what hurt inside. The novel was born, in fact, it came off as a rash during a weekend in which I found myself on a Sunday night — or rather a Monday morning — staring at more than 15,000 words written on over forty pages on my Word document. After that, it has become a novel, first, and a trilogy along the way.

I’ve always written stories since childhood, but I didn’t allow anyone to read them. With my studies in Physics, writing has suffered, diminished, then professional work arrived and I thought everything had died off, until the day I started to invent bedtime stories for my daughter. Always a different one every night, about the boy who becomes a dolphin, the mouse whose tail’s too long, or the flower that was a girl, and she fell asleep happy.

In 2011 I suffered from what happens to Dan. I found myself having too much time to think, to doubt, to hope. It is said that you can’t write when comforts and satisfactions surround you. I think it’s true. Something must be missing inside before something can grow to fill the void and worth to share.


Massimo Marino has a scientific background: He spent years at CERN and The Lawrence Berkeley Lab followed by lead positions with Apple, Inc. and the World Economic Forum. He is also co-founder of “Squares on Blue”, a Big Data Analytics service company.
Massimo currently lives in France and crosses the border with Switzerland multiple times daily, although he is no smuggler.

As a Scientist, he envisions Science Fiction and went from smashing particles at accelerators at SLAC and CERN to smashing words on a computer screen.

He’s the author of multi-awarded Daimones Trilogy. Daimones Postcard Front

• 2012 PRG Reviewer’s Choice Award Winner in Science Fiction
• 2013 Hall of Fame – Best in Science Fiction, Quality Reads UK Book Club
• 2013 PRG Reviewer’s Choice Award Winner in Science Fiction Series
• 2014 Finalist – Science Fiction – Indie Excellence Awards L.A.
• 2014 Award Winner – Science Fiction Honorable Mention – Readers’ Favorite Annual Awards
His novels are available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble (Nook), iTunes Apple Store, and many other retailers around the world.
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